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Genre breakbeat, electronic, pop, brazil, female vocalist

Born in Sao Paulo,Brazil,at the age of 12 Lika began her interest in the DJ`s world.
Frequently going to the ``matinees`` to see up close the magic that the sound systems would bring to the street parties and schools later on.
She began as an assistent DJ (playing a record while the DJ was at the toilet) but the interest and passion pushed her to the total control of
the turntables what gave to the girl from the outskirts the chance at becoming one of the top DJs in Brazil.
At 13 she was invited to play regularly for the `Adrenalina`s party`(Adrenalina was a regular radio show at Transamerica FM).At 15 she became the resident DJ of one of the biggest clubs in Sao Paulo (Broadway).In 1.995 was invited to be part
of the ``DMC agency`` travelling all over the country In 1.996 won the the
``DJ REVELATION`` award by DJ Sound magazine and was doing weekly slots in different radios stations such as ``Metropolitana``(as DJ
Metro Mix),``Ativa``(London Express) and ``Steelo FM`` and as guest DJ for ``Jovem Pan`` e ``97FM``.Played alongside big DJs such as Marky,
Patife,Mau Mau,Andy,John Cutler,Soul Slinger,Steelo,XRS Land,Drumagick,Jay Cunning,John B as well as others and as an integral part with
the bands ``M.I.N.A`` and ``BOJO``.Played for TV shows such as ``Vitrine``and``RG`` (both TV Cultura) ``O+``(TV Bandeirantes), ``Jornal do
SBT`` and ``Jornal da Globo``.As a natural process got involved with productions of sountracks such as ``Face``(Drumagick-Ai Maluco),``Take
Care`` (KOX-compilation LOV.E por Sao Paulo) and for the drink`s advert ``Amarula`` on TV.Founded in 1.998 the WDC (Women DJs Company)
project that assisted and directed female DJs into the music industry.In 2002 she was invited to open the the electronic music arena at one of
the biggest festivals in the world,the ``REC BEAT`` wich happens in february at the Recife`s street carnaval.In june of the same year Lika moved
to London with the intent to improove her musical knowledge since then played in places such as Cargo,93 Feet East,Brazilian Summer Festival,Neighbourhood,
Attica Club,Notting Hill Arts Club,Guanabara (with Ether recs), JAM (Hydrophonic Breaks),Selfridges (Brazil 40graus),The Corsica Arts Club
(Guerrilla Zoo),REX Club,LOVE,Vibe Bar,NORQ! and for the radios BREAKS FM and
As a freestyle DJ/Producer Lika brings to the dancefloor a wicked combination between passion and impressive skills.

Top Tracks

coturo 1


Coturo (Danza Kuduro) 2

Coturo (Danza Kuduro)

Coturo (Danza Kuduro) - Radio Edit 3

Coturo (Danza Kuduro) - Radio Edit

Coturo (Danza Kuduro) - Romanian Radio Mix 4

Coturo (Danza Kuduro) - Romanian Radio Mix

Coturo (Danza Kuduro) - Cosminn's Kuduro Mashup 5

Coturo (Danza Kuduro) - Cosminn's Kuduro Mashup

Remember 6


Coturo (Radio Edit) 7

Coturo (Radio Edit)

Hoje Eu Quero Zoar 8

Hoje Eu Quero Zoar

Couturo - Radio Edit 9

Couturo - Radio Edit

Tribute 2 the Goodness Gracious Rendered 10

Tribute 2 the Goodness Gracious Rendered

Top Albums

Coturo (Danza Kuduro)
Coturo (Danza Kuduro)
Untitled Album
Untitled Album
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