Andrew McLennan's brand new Single "So Easy" - Pre-Sale from 12th January - Releases End of January 2019!

January 10, 2019

"So Easy"  - Andrew McLennan

(Cocunut Rough, Pop Mechanix, The Swingers, The Plague, The Whizz Kids!)

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The fresh new single from Andrew McLennan - is well so easy...but somehow captivating - its full of zing/snag/yin/yang - drawing you into a relaxed easy mode and then takes you for the ride of your life into the world of your favourite superheroes, with a wham bam - but no thank you Ma'am!

Fresh, Quirky, Happy & undeniably Kiwi ! - its "Andrew McLennan Pop" at its best imho...done as only Andrew can/could/would do... 

Andrew is arguably one of New Zealand's best singer/songwriters - but he will not tell you that...he'll just sit down and play a few songs that will take you on a journey down a "road to somewhere..."

He's always been living a quiet revolution, enjoying side quests and forays of musical exploration with his talented mates - all the while continuing to write a huge bunch of catchy Pop songs that have never been heard...he stashs them away in his cerebrellum and trots them out, when he wants to take you somewhere you've never been before, in the twinkling of an eye and the strum of a string...he makes it look "So Easy"...and for him it is...

Maybe its cause he enjoys the journey of "Telling Tales" weaving entertainment and humour into the rich tapestry that he continues to develop in his musical career...I'm gonna go with that - it sounds as good as his songs do - and they sound great!

A talented Singer/Songwriter who has fronted bands like: The Plague, The Whizz Kids, Pop Mechanix, The Swingers and Coconut Rough including project bands with talented muso mates; Kevin, Toni, Tracey Collins, Nick Jones, Stephanie Crawford, Mark Bell, Dave Bridgmen and Geoffrey Chunn.

"So Easy" drops into your inbox so easily@ the end of January.

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World Tour At Your Place

Apparently if you need someone to party with he's got a new gig: "World Tour At Your Place" - get in touch if you need a mini concert in your big blue back yard!

Successful concerts have already been played in the UK - bookings are filling fast in the USA and places of yore - so get in behind!

"So Easy" is on pre-sale from the 12th of Jan 2019 download from: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon & Tidal

Its currently the first song on the playlist on Blu Sky radios "Kiwi New Release Show" 

Details and links to grab a slice of Andrews zest for life will be here shortly...its all "So Easy"

Gee wonder if he would do a "World Tour At Your Place" at my place - could be fun!