"Come To Me" MoOFish - A Super "Psyche Rock" Track - The Love song you get for your partner on "VDay!!!"

February 02, 2019

"Come To Me" by MoOFish Drops Today!!!!

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The Love song you get for your partner on "VDay!!!"


MoOFish - more delicious "Psyche Rock" from the band that has been in the top of our charts since they started releasing their tracks on Blu Sky Radio....

Dropping on the 14th February you can hear it on the Kiwi New Release Show playing 3 times a day... 

If you want the lowdown on their new track check our podcasts to hear them talk about their new release "Come To Me" as only they can...with the greatest of ease!

MoOfish always seem to have something unique and different to say...with an eclectic dramatic sound building on Piano, Gats and drums they draw you in with their sound...Rhonda's vocals cut through the mix while retaining their warmth as she  shares her feelings and emotions effortlessly, while the superb instrumentation from Chris combines stunning piano and guitar dynamics that wrap you up you in a soulful cocoon that makes you feel all warm inside!!!

MoOfish - as always evocative, stunning, soundscapes that blend beautiful vocals, orchestration and emotions seemingly effortlessly....a wonderful expansive sound of synergy!

Vocals: Rhonda .H.Johnson

Guitars: Chris Fish

Piano: Chris Johnson

Bass: Mark Tupuhi

Mix and Embellishments: Scott Newth

Mastered by: mPHATic