"Don't Walk Away" Taranaki R.A.T.S. Out Now!!! Details on how to get it right here! on Blu Sky Radio!!! its Playing Every 30 Minutes by Popular Request On Release Day!

April 14, 2019

Don't Walk Away - Taranaki R.A.T.S.

Song "Dropped Today!" available now!

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Taranaki R.A.T.S. Don't Walk Away Single Taranaki R.A.T.S. Website

Don't Walk Away - here to "break the silence" on Suicide!  

Thanks to all the up to 60 singers, songwriters, musicians, KapaHaka singers who have worked together from all across New Zealand to put together this song to help the Taranaki Rats fundraise to get their message out and also to help them get more *Suicide Prevention* strategies in place!

The song is playing at the Top of the Kiwi New release show 3 times per day!

Get the Blusky Rdio Android App here.. (iTunes Apple users please use web site - thanks).

We also remember and Honour:


Founder of Taranaki R.A.T.S.

Thank you Tama!

The Taranaki and Aotearoa R.A.T.S. 

Tama (RiP)

"Don't Walk Away" - Break The Silence!

We need to "Break the Silence" and stop the nonsense!!!

What better way than through a song gifted to the R.A.T.S. to help them help people!

"Don't Walk Away" - "Dont Let Them Walk Away!"

Links to buy the song are above and on the R.A.T.S. Facebook and Web page any day!

Thanks for your support - Kia Kaha Taranaki & Aotearoa R.A.T.S.!!!