MoOFish release new single "Burgundy Blues" just in time for Christmas 2018!

December 24, 2018

MOoFISH - Burgundy Blues _ New Release December 2018

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Wow! - MoOFish - if you have heard; "Floating", "Change Is Here", "Prophecy", "Like A Fire" - then you know how good this group is at writing great music...

Here at Blu Sky we can not believe just how good these songs are - we love MoOFish!!!

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They have been in the Top 10 on Blu Sky Rdio for months on end with at least one of these I don't want to say anymore - please just listen...

MoOFish comments:

On the tails of the last release "Prophecy"comes "Burgundy Blues"

A delightful gentleman by the name of Bill joined us every day on a bench, at 5th and Bank in Ottawa, for a coffee to discuss the goings on of life.

Mascarade was Bills word for the world, and we couldnt agree more.

Life is more than time passing, it is from these moments and experiences with people that pure clarity comes in the form of 'Burgundy Blues'

Review from MP3hugger

"Now this reminds me of something from Jane's Addiction (Classic Girl chords) but then you have your own ideas when it comes to crooning those words and they have a gospel-tinged quality for sure. It makes for something that rings of a sixties tune, Joe Cocker and a thousand soundtracks that follows in its wake. I think I am only realizing what you are about and this could be the tinder for something much bigger. Lovely."

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The hot new Single! "Burgundy Blues"



Chris and Rhonda - Creators - players

Mark Tupuhi - Bass and embelilshments

Mix and embellishments - Scott Newth

Mastering - MPhatic