"Play it Strange" Hear The Best of a New Generation of Kiwi Music!!!

December 05, 2018

Play It Strange Charitable Trust

Blu Sky Radio is extremely proud to announce the new “Play It Strange” shows playing fresh Kiwi music from super talented young Kiwi Musicians that have been engaged by the "Play It Strange Team" through their program.

Big thanks and props to Mike Chunn and the Team and all the great Sponsors at "Play It Strange" including the exceptionally talented Phil Judd.  You have created an incredible legacy of Kiwi music for the world to enjoy!

The "Play It Strange" shows will run Sunday Morning 8:00am -1:00pm and weekdays – Wednesday/Thursday/Friday from 8pm-10pm. 

Kiwi Music is an underdog in its own country – why – why do we not celebrate our culture and heritage through our music - here at Blu Sky rdio we do!!!  lol! -  we are the underdog radio station so why not! come with us on a journey to discover talented usung people in our own country...they have beautiful musical messages for all of us to hear...

Mike Chunn - Play It Strange Message To us this message says it all!!!

We know “Play It Strange” celebrates our Kiwi musical culture and journey,  that’s why Blu Sky Radio wants to support *Play It Strange* by bringing you the music of talented gifted young Kiwis who are developing their talent and musical skills right here in Aotearoa - the world needs to hear their music!

New Zealand has led the way in so many things its incredible – we punch way above our weight in almost everything we do in the world including music – but alas it does not get supported here at home the way it should. Help us change this - its an amazing benefit  for the mental health and wealth of our Kiwi people!!!

There are so many incredible and talented musicians in New Zealand who deserve to get their music heard… so now they can! 

*Play it Strange* is an amazing Charitable Trust set up to nurture, develop and promote musical talent across New Zealand. The "Play It Strange" charitable trust tirelessly promotes the benefits of writing, playing and studying music. 

Thanks also to all Play It Strange Sponsors and the wonderful Teachers and Principals,  that engage with Musical Students to help them to make Kiwi music what is is today!!! - Brilliant and Awesome!!! thanks to all the muso's for your efforts and songwriting as well!

If you think about it for just a moment where would be without Kiwi Music? 

The world would be a much sadder and less joyous place – its time Kiwis - bring us your best…we want to showcase you to the world!!! 

We’ll play your Kiwi music cause we love it – it reflects Kiwi people , Kiwi culture and Kiwi values to the world in a way that no other culture or medium can – and we’re proud of our own music and all of our people here in Aotearoa!!! 

Thanks “Play It Strange” and Mike Chunn and team, we love what you do and how you do it – well done! we hope we can help you to make Kiwi music something to celebrate and be proud of...keep "playing it Strange!!!" - its what we do #8 wire and all!!

Thanks also to all the talented and wonderful Kiwi musicans and artists out there in Godzone!!! keep on writing and loving music!!! 

Last but not least Merry Christmas  one and all!!!