"Waiting For The Tardis " is here.........no here....no there!

March 27, 2019

"Waiting for the Tardis" Drops April Fools Day!

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Its ridiculous, funny, insane, crazy and kind of kool even kute? why would anyone write a song about this why - just why....? 

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April Fools!!!  They say its releasing on April 1st - yeah right - what if ? maybe - it could be...why would anyone release a song on the 1st April - they must be fools, idiots, crazies - no one will even believe it? there's probably not even a song? we might have to imagine it? thats not marketing genious its just dumb! dumb! dumb! crazy! - just like this song - crazy fun!

We are led to believe by the good Doctor as anyone who has watched the series knows - that the Tardis is an intelligent sentient creature...so what  if it does not show up - takes a rain check, goes to another parallell universe - takes a wrong turn at Saturn?

"Waiting for the Tardis" is a collab by The Andiverse / MoOFish & mPHATIc.....

Yeah thats right - they all worked together to make this crazy fun stupid insanely kool track...why does anyone do that? cuase its FUN!!! lol...who needs any other reason...this is a track for people who like having FUN!!

(- thats The Andiverse and Lee Lee waiting for the Tardis somewhere last century - apparently the Tardis failed to show up on time - it upset The Andiverse as Lee Lee had promised The Andiverse they would stop off at the moon to sunbathe for 15 picoseconds - thats the maixmum exposure permitted for a "Time Lord" otherwise they evaporate! - thats also why The Andiverse is ORANGE he's been overexposed to radiation and cosmic rays during his travels for over 17 picoseconds...),

This mindless nonsensical tune, described by earthlings as "Pop" was apparently inspired by this very picture, during a light night music session with The Andiverse - funny that - but this song is simply FUN! FUn? fUN? fuN! until the Tardis carries you away!

- what does that word mean - have we forgotten what fun is? lets see it has three letters - one is a vowel one a consonant and some other thang that makes it what it is...hmmm...FUN!

Throw away the tea towels throw away your inhibitive analysis, your reserve, your conciousness, your inhibitions, your comparisons, your intelligensia, your conditoning, take the Red Pill / don't be critical - just dance!!!

Did I mention how good the music was? how the clever use of anthropomorphic lyrical revelations, coupled with rhythmic mechanisms, derived from thousands years of english language usage, makes this a literary phenomenon that has no relevance? 

Did I mention the clever use of dipthongs and psychoacoustic babble to make you realise that nothing really matters...

Did I say anything about this music at all...nope I'm just shuffling - shuffling - moving, move on - nothing to see here just vacuous fun packaged up by some android called The Andiverse from another universe/multiverse....anyway he's Orange and he likes it - he told me that..you can ask him when you see him here...!

...hes Gigging the Nirvara Lounge on 20 April 2019...tickets to see the Tardis arrive are limited - there are heaps of live guests and glamourous aliens so if you are looking to hook up with some dweebs, nerds, tripeds, bipeds and bleeps from another galaxy - get your rave on....

We are after all - all "Waiting for the Tardis" - some of us just don't realise it...don't miss your ticket! got mine!! muhahahahahah!

See I told you he's OrangeThe AndiVerse