Born To Be Wild - The Wild Child!

November 05, 2018

Born To Be Wild:

Rebooted, Reborn, Remastered,  this new version of "Born To Be Wild" from Tana Tapri kicks the proverbial!!

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Check out the guitars, the drums the vocals this is Born to Be Wild - "wild child style !! "

Tana Tapri brings the action on this reboot with her strong vocals driving the message - you can tell that she loves motorbikes and riding - you can hear it in her voice, but its not that "easy rider style" - its about the thrill of the chase and the thrill of the wind in her hair!!

Gaz Baker delivers on the guitars with a massive sound that also drives the track forward gritty, raw, dirty and yet still clean, clear and powerful! 

Getting on a motorbike should be this much fun - this track makes me want to get a bike and join the action with the song providing the soundtrack to my ride or drive...this is "Rock the way its should be dirty / loud / big / bold and powerful!"  

Tana Tapri is a successful recording artist and performer fronting "Rubine" a rock band - Tana also performs solo gigs playing guitar and keyboards in and around Tauranga, Hamilton, Auckland and the North Island of New Zealand.  Both Tana and Gaz ride bikes and you can hear it in their approach to this track... "Born to Be Wild" imo is a great reboot of a classic track...

You can hear it on the Blu Sky Radio Kiwi New Release show right here...

"Born To Be Wild"

Tana Tapri: Vocals

Gaz Baker: Guitar

G-Girl: Backing Vocals

Engineered & Mixed by: mPHATic

Produced by: mPHATic

Mastered by: Jon Astley (- Eric ClaptonBarclay James HarvestCorey Hart, and Deborah Harry, hte WhoABBAGeorge HarrisonTori AmosEric Claptonthe Rolling Stonesthe Pretty ThingsJools HollandTom JonesJudas PriestCloven HoofEmmylou HarrisElla GuruDamien DempseyTears for FearsLed ZeppelinHothouse FlowersLevel 42The Boomtown RatsJohn MayallMarilyn MartinTotoNorah JonesStereophonicsKT TunstallVan MorrisonPaul McCartneyPeter GabrielSladeStingBonoStarlite Campbell Band[1] and Anathema.