Kiwi New Releases!

The entire week, from 08:00 to 10:00

The Kiwi New Release show - playing new songs across all genres from great NZ Artists...

Running:  12:00pm - 2:00pm / 6:00pm- 8:00pm / 12:00am - 2:00am every day!

To get your New Release song on the show - send HD MP3s @ 320KBS to:

Please ensure you:

1.Tag your track with your name and details...the track and the album otherwise people will see a "blankspace" - who is that playing that cool music?

2. Embed your artwork into your MP3 otherwise people will hear your song but not know who you are? BluSky rdio shows your Cover Art on our player!

3. Help: if  you need help Mastering your track for rdio or creating and MP3 or Artwork - we can do all this for a reasonable fee per song for you...just email us..we aim to get you looking and sounding the best you can! 

We really wnat you to succeed so lets get your music out there..."get lift off for your music with Blu Sky Rdio" 


Please submit original songs for radio play consideration as follows:

1. Songs should be written and recorded by you - “original”

2. Rdio ready music requires polished and professionally recorded, mixed and mastered songs - good quality - means we can play you alongside the worlds best recording artists!! If you need help getting your song rdio ready - please email (- small fee applies).  Please check the email address carefully its - thanks!!

3. Format required: MP3 @320KBS to be played on our TOP shows -“HD” mp3 quality

4. A picture of the Artist or Artwork needs to be “embedded ” in the MP3 so that our player can display you or your bands image! - help people get to know you!

5. Not rdio quality - we will consider your song for the “Indie Garage Show!” or you can email: - to cut and polish the track (- small fee applies).

6. All mp3s (@ 320KBS) should be emailed to: bluskyrdio@gmail. com if you are sending a lot of songs please use as this is the best way.

7. Blu Sky preparing for takeoff - your music, your fans, your way! “let your music fly high - blusky!!!” - “slipstreamin into the statosphere!!!” your music - blu sky - lift off

8. Blu Sky Radio has sole discretion on songs played - if your song is abusive, or contains innapropriate language we may be unable to play it.

Thanks we hope you enjoy listening to Blu Sky Radio one of the best quality stations playing HD MP3 Audio @ 320KBS.


Program DJ(s)

to be mPHATic!!!