The Doug Thomas Show

The Monday, from 20:00 to 21:00

The Doug Thomas Show bringing you great music from all over the world.

From Spain, Brazil, Europe, South America and New Zealand - Kiwi Music.

Doug is a music producer and composer and enjoys releasing new songs featuring musicians from all over the world.

He has worked with, played and/or produced music with:

Arthur Lee, Aldred Stebbings, Bob Gillette, Brian Hatcher, Debbie Davis, Clark Sorely, Chazz Burke-Kennedy, Edwina Thorne, Gary Stern, Joss BInes, Larry Morris, Ronald La Pread, Truda Chadwick, The Underdogs, Neil Edwards, Lou Rawnsley, Murray Grindlay, Sonny Day, Harvey Mann, John Orams,  The Breakaways, Darren Broughton, Johnny McConnochie, Midge Marsden, Sandy Edmonds, Freddy Bower, Max Wolfgramm, Phil Parli, Billy TK Snr, Reno Tehei, Leo de Castro, Colin King & The Harmonisers, Tommy Ferguson, Tommy Adderley, Kevin Borich,Wayne Darling, Rex & The Roadrunners, Bruce Lynch, Graeme Pidgeon, Mike McCarthy, Stu Pearce, Rodney Charters, Darcy & Newton Lange & jammed with bands such as Highway, Ragnarok, Billy TK & Powerhouse, members of Osibisa, LOVE, The Seeds, mPHATic and many others.

Doug brings a unique flavour of music to Blu Sky Rdio its worldy features great musicians and provides a fresh vibe to the station.

Hes Hard Case as well!

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