"So Easy" - Andrew McLennan

January 23, 2019 - 856 views

*So Easy*

"So Easy" - Video Debut of Andrew McLennan's new single - you can also listen on the "Kiwi New Release Show" on Blu Sky Radio!

iTunes Download Here! Google Play - Download Here!

Last chance to get it before it drops!

Note: to get it from iTunes go to the iTunes Store - its the App on your phone with this logo: iTunes Store

How do you promote, describe, or comment on a new song from Andrew McLennan...he writes really cool catchy tunes - this could be his best one right here...

"So Easy" by Andrew McLennan...get it before it drops - nothing more to say really - speaks for itself !!!

(Cocunut Rough, Pop Mechanix, The Swingers, The Plague, The Whizz Kids!)

He's talented, quirky and catchy - the video tells all...we'll let that speak for him...

You can find all the details on Andrew right here...Andrew McLennan

As to the song - best he tells you about that himself - visit his page for the lowdown...Andrew McLennan Music

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